Meteorite Rings

All you need to know

For a truly one-of-a-kind piece, Meteorite rings are a fantastic option when looking for a very stylish ring made from extremely rare materials. The experts at The Ring Shop are here to explain exactly what tungsten carbide is, why it’s a fantastic option to add to your jewellery collection, and how to care for your ring should you get one.

What is Muonionalusta Meteorite?

At The Ring Shop, we use Muonionalusta Meteorite which impacted in northern Scandinavia, west of the border between Sweden and Finland, about one million years BCE.

The pattern of meteorite is unlike any other natural formation on the planet. The distinct patterns found in meteorite is known as the known as a Widmanstätten pattern, and is formed by bands of alloys called kamacite and taenite. In essence, these are nickel-iron metals which crystalise slowly over millions of years, after the intense heat of impact.

Like snowflakes, no two meteorite patterns are the same, which means your ring will truly be one-of-a-kind.

Why should you get a Meteorite Ring?


Meteorite, being of non-Earth origin, is very rare and is a great alternative to traditional metals such as gold and silver. We take pride in enabling the wearers of our designs to be able to wield such rare elements at their fingertips.


Meteorite rings are surprisingly durable, since they originate from the extinct core of a planet, made primarily from metal elements such as iron and nickel. At The Ring Shop, we often inlay meteorite with other extremely durable compounds such as tungsten carbide and titanium to enhance their strength and longevity even more.


No pattern is the same when it comes to meteorite, and this ensures your ring is unlike any other.


Despite being so rare, meteorite rings can be surprisingly affordable, even more so than gold and silver rings making them a great alternative


In addition to our existing catalogue of meteorite designs, we also cater to specific custom designs requested by our customers, and can work with a variety of different materials to ensure you get the perfect ring.

Things to consider

Water resistance

Since meteorite is mainly formed of iron elements, meteorite can be prone to rust when exposed to water. However at The Ring Shop we ensure each ring is coated with a transparent, water-resistant coating to ensure the ring is protected when it arrives to you.

Thankfully, if and when rust does form, this can be easily removed at home. Please see our Meteorite Care Guide for more information.


Meteorite rings cannot be resized traditionally, and if a new size is required, then a new ring will have to be crafted. For best sizing results, we recommend checking with a jeweller (or a few) to verify the US ring size required.

Iron and Nickel Allergies

While the vast majority of people can wear meteorite rings with no issue, we would instead recommend choosing from our tungsten carbide range if you have a history of iron or nickel allergies.

However, for most of our meteorite designs, we use a hypoallergenic inner ring material such as titanium or tungsten carbide to both compliment the ring and to ensure there is less direct contact to the meteorite.